Family-owned wine merchant, we have been connecting the world of fine wines since 1861.

At the heart of a major commercial port, nestled on the bank of a river and at the crossroads of trade routes, we are proud to forge virtuous connections with passionate winegrowers and our international clientele. Transmitting emotions, contributing our market expertise, and providing a quality service to our partners: that's our commitment.

Maison Descas Values:

Savoir Faire


To give you the assurance of developing a durable relationship, as many of our partners have done since 1861. The guarantee of a relationship with a fair, reliable, reassuring, and professional partner. 



With a commitment to defend a plural vision of the world of wine, we aim to distribute each wine in its rightful place. The Descas commitment is to be constatly engaged on the field, in the vineyard and in the markets.



Looking higher and further for you and with you. Looking higher means projecting into the future. Looking further means to grow together and become your preferred business partner. 

Key figures: 


of our customers have been following us for more than 10 years






wine estates working with us



annual orders on average



One History - Two families:


To evoke Maison Descas is first and foremost to immerse oneself in its history. 

An unusual trajectory, a dazzling success. These symbols that every Bordelais attached to his or her roots has already noticed at least once. This unusual building has given the quays a presence, an identity. Yet, this is a family business. In the plural, the most singular of plurals. One house, two families with intertwined destinies. One whose history inspires the other. From this history comes a belief: to endure is to master the art of reinventing oneself.

Some key figures:

Jean Descas, a former cooper from Bagas (Entre-Deux-Mers), became a cellar master and started his own wine business, founding Maison Descas at 49 rue Carpenteyre in Bordeaux.

Pierre-Camille Descas, Jean's eldest son, hired Jean-Alphonse Ricard, an architect from Bordeaux's Ecole des Beaux-Arts, to erect a spectacular château on the Quai de Paludate, just a few hundred metres from Saint-Jean station. Named Château Descas, the silhouette of this remarkable palace will be the visual identity of the southern banks of the Moon Harbour. In the depths of its 45,000 m², the Château is home to a treasure trove of innovations for preparing, storing, packaging, and shipping Descas wines.

As a Bordeaux family, the Merlaut acquired Maison Descas from the heirs of Jean and Pierre-Camille. Denis Merlaut took over management in 1979. On the strength of his success, he became a respected figure on the Bordeaux marketplace, renowned for his vision of the Bordeaux wine business and his exceptional entrepreneurial qualities.

From the moment he took office, Denis Merlaut spectacularly transformed the identity and range of wines offered by Maison Descas. The most prestigious estates have taken notice of him and, thanks to this recognition, Maison Descas has become a major player in the En Primeurs system.

After buying out and developing the Maison Descas' wine merchant activity, Denis Merlaut acquired the Château Descas, symbol of the Maison Descas.

Raphaël Merlaut, one of Denis' four sons, joins his father to pursue the development of Maison Descas.

Maison Descas achieves record turnover in 2021. By opening new export markets, Descas is positioning itself as a reliable, experienced and forward-looking partner... .

One team – Twenty experts 


To Share our passion 

Thriving for the satisfaction of our partners, creating added value, and connecting the world through fine wines: these are the cardinal points and the compass of our team.


Put a face to your contacts and make the connection in a different way.


One House - Three Worlds of Fine Wines

Grand Cru Classé de 1855

I – Grands Crus Classés of Bordeaux 

"You must give honor when honor is due."

Denis Merlaut

From the left to the right bank, legendary terroirs, and wines with which we have historic ties.
We are proud to distribute these estates and help you discover their history, the choices they make and the people who define their winegrowing identity.
From Pomerol to Médoc, Sauternes to Saint-Emilion, Graves and Pessac Léognan wine regions, we offer a range of all wines that make Bordeaux this unique place. 

petits domaines & châteaux

II – Estates, Châteaux and Brands

"We're on a treasure hunt to find the best properties among the thousands of Châteaux in the Bordeaux region"

Denis Merlaut

Driven by our mission to recommend and serve, we enjoy helping our customers discover passionate winemakers and quality wines at a fair price.
Whether under the owner's label or one of our commercial brands, we pay tribute to the richness and diversity of the Bordeaux winegrowing landscape.

Vins Fins hors Bordeaux

III - Beyond Bordeaux

"Bordeaux, a maritime city, a city of merchants, open to the world, could not limit itself to its production alone. The unique expertise of the wine trade is attracting some of the world's leading producers and enhancing Bordeaux's appeal"

Denis Merlaut

The Maison Descas offers a limited range of iconic wines produced in France and abroad. Burgundy, Champagne, Loire Valley and Rhône Valley wines are selected with great precision to create a highly selective range of iconic vintages.
This access to the world's greatest winemakers puts Bordeaux back at the heart of the world of great wines.

“Winecting People”


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